Most of us spend a large amount of time on our phones and other devices. While we can debate the benefits and drawbacks of technology, it can be a very useful tool especially when trying to develop consistency around practicing therapy tools and skills. Therapists can use apps to promote different interventions that might be beneficial to treating teens with anxiety. Here are a few good options to consider:
Image of Headspace app logo

1. Headspace

There is an increasing amount of research supporting mindfulness as a helpful intervention for anxiety. Committing to consistent practice, however, can be challenging. Headspace provides psychoeducation, various practice options, and push notifications to help keep your practice routine consistent.

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2.  Self-Help for Anxiety Management 

Therapists could consider recommending this app for a few specific features. It has an anxiety tracker that is easy to use. There is a significant amount of psychoeducation available in the app. You can create a trigger list with reminders to take on exposure challenges.  Lastly, there is a social forum component that can help normalize stress.

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3. Centered

While this app has some similarities to Headspace in its focus on mindfulness, the app’s strength is its promotion of physical activity along with mindfulness. Users can set mindful goals and movement goals, as well as track their progress including number of steps taken daily (just keep your phone on you). Therapists could consider recommending this app when increasing physical activity is part of the anxiety treatment plan.

A New Resource for Teens


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The Relaxation & Stress Reduction Workbook for Teens


In The Relaxation and Stress Reduction Workbook for Teens, Michael Tompkins and Jonathan Barkin, specialists in teen anxiety and stress, have developed skills for teens to identify the things that tend to stress them out and make a plan to relax and reduce stress in their lives. The workbook offers teens proven-effective CBT interventions with over 40 simple age-appropriate evidence-based activities.

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