Talking to your teen about sleep often leads to arguments, threats, and frustration on both sides. It often helps if you and your teen understand why sleep is important and how practicing a few scientifically-proven strategies can dramatically improve sleep. However, teens don’t always listen to their parents, even very wise parents. These three videos are a great way to introduce the topic of sleep. Watch them together and then discuss the important takeaways.

How Much Sleep Do You Actually Need?

This is a great introductory video about the importance of sufficient sleep and how much sleep is sufficient. The video explains how insufficient sleep impacts daily functioning and long-term health.

Sleepy teens: A public Health Epidemic | Wendy Troxel | TEDxManhattanBeach

Sleep scientist, Wendy Troxel, believes that teen sleep deprivation is a public health epidemic. Not only is she a sleep researcher, she is the mom of a sleep deprived teen! In this Ted Talk, she interweaves what she knows about sleep as a scientist and what she is experiencing at home as the mother of a teenaged son who struggles to get the sleep his young mind and body require. Watch this video with your teen. It’s a reat way to normalize the challenges of teens getting sufficient sleep in today’s world. Also, encourage your school to consider later school start times. It could change the lives of your teen’s and his classmates for the better!


What Happens to Your Body and Brain If You Don’t Get Enough Sleep

Neuroscientist and sleep expert Matthew Walker describes the many ways sleep deprivation effects the brain and body. It underscores the real risks of chronic sleep deprivation and the benefits of getting even a few more hours of sleep. Watch the movie with your teens, particularly if your teen is interested or curious about neuroscience and brain imaging studies.


Help Your Teen Sleep



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