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Working With Emotion in Psychodynamic, Cognitive Behavior, and Emotion-Focused Psychotherapy by Leslie S. Greenberg, Norka Malberg, and Michael A. Tompkins PhD ABPP

On Sale March 12, 2019

The authors of this volume investigate the role of emotion in the development and maintenance of psychological problems, and in effecting psychological change. They examine emotion as it is conceptualized and used in three of the most widely practiced approaches today–psychodynamic, cognitive behavior, and emotion-focused psychotherapy. In each chapter, the authors discuss the impact of emotion on child development and learning, the relationship between emotion and motivation, and the ways in which emotion can be harnessed in treatment to improve psychological functioning and strengthen interpersonal relationships. Clinical vignettes show readers how to arouse, identify, and channel emotions in therapy, while also utilizing emotion to develop and maintain an effective therapeutic alliance.