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Essential components of cognitive-behavior therapy for depression. APA. 2001. By, Dr. Jackie Persons, Michael A. Tompkins, Joan Davison.

Jacqueline B. Persons, one of the leaders in cognitive–behavior therapy today, joins with colleagues to take readers on a thorough, expert tour of the essential components of cognitive–behavior therapy for depression. Throughout, Dr. Persons emphasizes the theory and practices of Aaron T. Beck to create a book that is grounded in the best of CBT’s traditions but that refines and fleshes out the practical aspects of its application.

The method described is flexible enough to be used in disorders other than depression, including eating disorders and anxiety.

Intended for both trainees and practitioners in the mental health professions, the book details the five basic components of the therapy in practice: developing an individualized case formulation, session structuring, activity scheduling, the thought record, and the schema change method. A thorough case study is included to illustrate how the therapist uses the case formulation to plan and carry out treatment.

Examples of each major intervention are also provided as well as a demonstration of how the assessment and intervention strategies are woven together over the course of treatment.

This is the perfect teaching tool for those working in clinical, counseling, and health psychology as well as social work, psychiatry, psychiatric nurses, marriage and family counseling, and pastoral counseling.

A complete video series is also available that illustrates the techniques described in the book.