Project Description

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Leslie S. Greenberg, PhD, Norka T. Malberg, PsyD, and Michael A. Tompkins, PhD. (2017). Comparing Models of Emotion in Therapy. Emotions In Psychotherapy Video Series. Washington, DC: American Psychological Association.

In cognitive behavioral therapy, emotion stands with thought and behavior as one of the interacting elements that make up a person’s inner life.

In this approach, all three are seen as connected and influencing one another:  Emotion may signal the presence of important therapeutic material in the cognitive or behavioral realm, and similarly, behaviors and thoughts could contribute to developing unhelpful emotions such as chronic anxiety.

In this program, Dr. Michael A. Tompkins explores the ways that cognitive behavioral therapy works with emotion, and guest experts Norka T. Malberg and Leslie S. Greenberg ask Dr. Tompkins questions as he discusses excerpts from previously published videos that illustrate aspects of this approach to working with emotion.